7. – 10. März 2019

Retreat mit Christine May & LUNA Schmidt









Seminar-Hotel Rigi am See


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28. Mai – 02. Juni 2019


Retreat mit Christine & Kalid in Portugal

Kalid and Christine will be offering a beautiful transformative RiSE&SHiNE - breathe. connect. move live-retreat in the stunning, wild and lucious south of Portugal next year May 28 til June 2nd, 2019.

Kalid and Christine will weave the practices of Prana Flow Yoga, kriya & movement meditation with the Breath of Life Method for you to dive deep into the most simple and natural way of balancing yourself - your own breath - restoring your natural state of harmony, wellbeing and vitality creating greater joy and fulfilment in your life.

Specifically designed Prana Vinyasa Yoga & movement meditation practices allow you to tune into yourself and open your body’s gateways in order to be fully present in your body and mentally prepared for restoring balance in the following deep breath journey.

There will be also elements of a Trance Dance Ritual included  - a unique blend of dance, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, breathing technique and the use of a blindfold - together stimulating a “trance” state that promotes spiritual awakening, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional wellbeing.

Tuning into your body - circulating, flowing, undulating as a beautiful way to prepare for this sacred ritual as shamans and indigenous people have done for thousands of years. This ritual journey allows you to explore and connect to your subconscious mind allowing you to move through different feelings and emotions towards more joy and inner freedom! Trance Dance Ritual allows the mind to empty itself of itself. 

Become the dance! Celebrate Life! Join the revolution.


Christine May is an open-hearted, life-loving experienced Prana Vinyasa Flow®Yoga teacher trainer (e-ryt 500 Yoga Alliance). Prana Vinyasa Flow®is a revolutionary, powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga based on Tantric Philosophy, Ayurveda, Bhakti & Somatics (Shiva Rea).

Her teaching is influenced by her attentive, loving devotion to her students and she is one of the leading Prana Flow®teacher trainers (Yoga Alliance) in Europe.

Through her deep interest in finding truth she also trained to be a certified Associate Healing Tao Yoga Instructor with Mantak Chia and a Somatic/Holistic Counsellor with Turiya and Rafia in "Working with People: A psychology of Awakening“ and "Relationship Counseling”.

She has a strong dedication to create and hold sacred space for others to touch the depth of our Being and cultivate heart-centered connections. Christine is very passionate about supporting her students in the art of living and embodying yoga, authenticity, joy and truth.


Kalid is an innovative therapist and teacher that dedicates himself to inspiring lives worldwide. Combining the teachings of ancient healing rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques, his empowering workshops are attended by people from all walks of life.

His journey of self-discovery took him to study, learn and practice with many gifted teachers and healers all over world. With the intention of supporting those searching to awaken to their fullest potential, Kalid generously shares all he has learnt with everyone that crosses his path.

From Dance to Meditation, Breathwork to Bioenergetics, Shamanism to Sufism, Sweat Lodge to Firewalking, from the Vision Quest to the Amazon Jungle. All these different streams are an inspiration for his work.

Kalid is the founder of Injoy, an organisation that offers transformational experiences for healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening, bringing the power and magic of the ancestral wisdom that lies in different traditions to our modern world.


As space is limited we are starting a waitlist so you can be the first to know once registration is open. We can't wait to see you and see magic and transformation happen! 

To get on waiting list (no obligations - only to be informed!) 

please email



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12. - 15. September 2019

Frauentage Schweiz, Visions Haus

More Infos coming soon!



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5. - 11. Oktober 2019


mit Christine May & friends

Eine Atem- und Bewegungsreise für alle Sinne!

Prana Flow Yoga, Bewegungs-Meditationen, Breath Work, Selbstreflektion, Journaling, SonnenuntergangsRitual, Sound Healing, Live Musik, Meditation & Entspannung, Aromatherapie & vieles mehr auf der magischen Insel Ibiza, Love, bliss & hugs // CHRISTINE